Grand River Health Visitor Restriction Changes

  • Visiting hours are from 8:00am to 8:00 pm.
  • Grand River Health will now limit 1 visitor per patient per visit in our hospitals and no one under 18 years of age unless approved for special circumstances.
  • In special circumstances such as end of life, decisions will be made case by case to ensure continued compassionate care.
  • All suspected/confirmed cases of COVID19 will be quarantined and will not be allowed visitation.
  • Patients with disabilities (which is defined by the ADA as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, a person who has a history or record of such an impairment, or a person who is perceived by others as having such an impairment) who require help with the provision of medical or behavioral health care, activities of daily living, speaking for the patient or keeping the patient safe, may have a designated assistance person.  

Information about Advance Directives

An Advance Directive is a written instruction such as a living will or durable power of attorney for health care, relating to the provision of your health care when you are incapacitated.

A Psychiatric Advance Directive is a written instruction that may name another person who is authorized to make decisions for you if you are determined to be legally incompetent to make your own choices. It may provide instructions about hospitalization, alternatives to hospitalization, use of medication, types of therapies and your wishes concerning restraint or seclusion.

You have the right to make decisions to accept or refuse treatment and to formulate an Advance Directive. The Advance Directive provides guidance about your wishes for provision of care in certain situations such as a terminal illness or permanent vegetative state. You have the right to designate a conservator/ guardian/ surrogate as a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare (DPOA). The DPOA is capable of making decisions on your behalf when you become incapacitated. An Advance Directive is “self-determined,” you must create your own, and no one else can do it for you.

Grand River Hospital District staff will provide your DPOA with the information required to make informed decisions about your care and will seek informed consent when appropriate from your designee. Please let a staff member know if you would like more information about preparing your Advance Directive. We will be happy to help you.

You can download a PDF version of it here: