At Grand River Health, the philosophy of working hard and playing hard is deeply ingrained in the culture. The dedicated healthcare professionals here understand the importance of delivering exceptional patient care, and they consistently go above and beyond in their work. They pour their hearts into their roles, tirelessly striving to make a positive impact on the lives of the patients they serve.

However, they also recognize the need for balance and self-care. During their downtime, you’ll often find them enjoying Colorado’s many recreational opportunities, volunteering, or contributing to the culture of our local communities. This combination of hard work and rejuvenation not only fuels their passion for their profession but also creates a supportive and vibrant environment that ultimately benefits both staff and patients at Grand River Health.

bringing back the 80s for hospital week

Hospital Week 2023

Hospital Week is always a good time to celebrate the success we have shared over the last year. 2023 was no different. The theme was “We are Healthcare” and everyday

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Playing for a cause

Charity Basketball Game

On May 15th, 2023 Grand River Health met Valley View Hospital on the courts for a charity basketball game. Fun was had by all and over $15,000 was raised for

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