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On February 2nd, Grand River Health Care Center residents made the move with their care team to their newly finished home.

Smiling staff within the Grand River Health district took part in a full day of relocating the personal items and furniture of each resident and welcomed the residents to their new, and much anticipated space. Residents explored their neighborhoods, the community life area and even took part in some of the services like the Silver Spur Salon and Bloom Spa. Residents enjoyed a lunch in the community life area and witnessed the hustle and bustle of the Care Center staff as they too settled into the new workspaces.


Here’s what some of our residents are saying!


“This place has a lot of room to hide from staff…” (He was kidding). He said, “It has a lot of room for me to wheel around it, and it’s just nice!”


“I love having my own bathroom, and no roommates, and a place to do my artwork.”


“I like to see out the large windows.”


“It’s very, very good to have my own room, thank God for small favors.”


“I like it here because it’s airy, lots of room, and they have their facts straight.”


“I like it. I tend to lose my way, but my bedroom is straight over there! They put my pictures up so now it feels homey.”


“This place is awesome, it’s nice, our rooms have privacy.”


“It’s spacious, nice and comfortable, and I get to mingle with others.”


“So many nice things about it, I think it’s beautiful here, so white and clean.”


“I don’t know why I was so worried about moving into this new place, with all my pictures up it feels like my old apartment with service!”