Joanne Teik PA
<h3>Joanne E. Teik, MPA-C</h3>

Joanne Teik holds a Masters of Physician Assistant Studies from the Marquette University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin as well as a Bachelor degree of Science in Microbiology and a Bachelor of Allied Health Sciences degree, both from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Joanne grew up in Milwaukee Wisconsin, with her mother, father, five sisters and brother. Right near the university and by lake.

Joanne’s career of medicine spurred not only from her love of the sciences but also from her love of challenges. Growing up, her father would pose riddles and puzzles to her and her siblings to solve, challenging her to think differently and gain new perspectives. She chose the field of medicine because of the challenge the field can represent and finding the best solutions for her patients.

During her undergraduate program in the late 80s, Joanne spent her summers as a raft guide in our valley, where she also met and married her husband and now share two children who are in their early 20s. Joanne’s newest addition to her family is a recently adopted 9 month old puppy from a local animal shelter.

Joanne shared with us some of her passions including baking and painting as well as the usual outdoor activities we Coloradans get to enjoy every day, like rafting, cross country and Nordic, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and mountain biking.