meet maria olivo

Maria OlivoWhen did you begin working for Grand River?

“In 2013 I applied for a Housekeeper position due to a family friend’s encouragement.  She was a Housekeeper in the OR and told me this would be a great place to work.”

Tell me about your time in Housekeeping.

“I started in 2013.  I worked the evening shift in the Emergency Department and Surgery.   There was a time when we were working a lot of overtime.  Our manager then took us all out for pedicures to thank us!  I enjoyed meeting the staff in the OR and ED.  I felt like I was a part of their team as well.  I miss the physical work!  I really appreciate all of our Housekeepers because I know how hard they work.”

I understand you left for a short time.

“I stayed in Housekeeping for a year then took time off to be with my baby.  But, I missed being at work!  I actually never felt like I left Grand River. When staff see your motivation, they encourage you to come back.    HR was always encouraging me and helping me to feel capable.  I decided to apply as a Scheduler and was hired for Women’s Health in the Rifle Clinic. 

I enjoyed my time in the Clinic and wanted to continue to grow.  I wanted more direct contact with patients and that is when I went to work as a Registrar in Rehabilitation Services.  I enjoyed working with the patients and therapists.  In Rehabilitation Services I was encouraged to become certified as an interpreter. 

After I had been a Registrar I realized that I enjoy being behind-the-scenes.  I was able to move to Credentialing where I get to work with doctors.  I enjoy my work and have felt supported in every department that I have worked in.”

What are some lessons you learned in Housekeeping that have helped your career at GRHD?

“Teamwork.  We took pride in our areas knowing  our job was important and we were always willing to help each other out.  We worked as a team.  We enjoyed helping one another.  From the time I was in Housekeeping, I always felt I was a part of the Housekeeping Team and Grand River Team as a whole. Hard work pays off.    I have never felt that a door was shut on opportunity.  I was always encouraged with kind words. The pay and benefits are good here.  I get to work close to home and feel that supporting our families is encouraged.  I am happy with what I am doing now, but will never be closed off from doing more.  We are encouraged to spread our wings here.”