We Believe

We must be an enterprise that represents the highest level of personal and institutional integrity. With integrity, people and institutions will want to work with us, and our core purpose will not be compromised.

We Value Integrity​

We will honor commitments. We will never compromise ethics. We will be known for living to the highest forms and standards of ethical behavior. We will make honest commitments and consistently honor those commitments.

We Behave

We will speak the truth. We will deliver on our promises. We will have the courage to acknowledge mistakes and do whatever is needed to address them.

  •  We are committed to treating everyone we encounter and with whom we interact with dignity and respect in support of providing patient-centered care. 
  • We are committed to being good and trustworthy stewards of the resources entrusted to us. 
  • We are committed to conducting all activities in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • We are committed to conducting activities and relationships with others in order to avoid conflicts of interest. 
  • We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of patient information and to protecting confidential and proprietary information about our organization and employees.

Expected Behaviors

  1. Put patients first
  2. Make eye contact
  3. Give my full attention and show sincere interest
  4. Smile
  5. Offer a respectful greeting
  6. Answer phones by 3 rings, when possible
  7. When asked for directions, I will take the person to their destination or find someone who can
  8. Request the person to preform an action, I will not tell in an authoritative manner
  9. Be polite and helpful
  10. Listen
  11. Treat all customers and coworkers respectfully in every interaction
  12. Follow dress code
  13. If I do not know an answer to a question, I will find out what the answer is and follow up
  14. Be considerate of others feelings
  15. Maintain open and honest relationships
  16. Never disagree with another employee in front of customers, patients, or coworkers
  17. Respect GRHD property
  18. Bring out the best in my coworkers
  19. Keep work areas clean and neat
  20. Return phone calls within 24 hours, when possible
  21. Maintain email etiquette and ask if I do not know email rules
  22. Take ownership and pride in my work and work area
  23. Represent GRHD well; at work and at GRHD affiliated events
  24. Offer internal customers the same courtesy as external customers
  25. Be on time to work and meetings